Mindfulness courses in Surrey and Hampshire
Mindfulness Courses in Surrey and Hampshire, 1-1, schools, workplace
Mindfulness Courses, Children, Reiki, Haslemere, Surrey
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Mindfulness courses give us invaluable life tools to enable us to help and better look after ourselves, for the benefit of our families, homes and workplace.

Mindfulness courses are a wonderful way of opening up your awareness to life, with gratitude and accepting there are times you can let go of the unhelpful life ‘stuff’ you cannot always control …

For a great many of us, as children we grew up with a sense of wonder, curiosity and happiness. As adults we seem to live on the “travelator” that is our life, caught up in the every day humdrum of to-do-lists and living in a fast paced electronic world.

There is overwhelming ‘busyness’ in our lives and remembering to stop and breathe, give people or tasks our focused attention and being kind to ourselves is further down one of our to-do-lists than we would like.

I teach mindfulness courses to lovely people from all walks of life wanting a breathing space to help them live their best life. I have also developed a children’s mindfulness programme Mindfulness4Ninjas to help children who are anxious, fearful or angry to help them cope and manage these aspects of their lives.

If we could look into each other’s hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance and care  ~ Marvin J Ashton

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Natasha Brittan Mindfulness Teacher and Spiritual Healer

Hello and a warm welcome … I teach mindfulness and mindfulness meditation to adults and children in 1-1 settings and in schools, hospitals and businesses in Surrey and Hampshire.  I will send you free meditations for you and your children to practise and listen to, helping you tune into your breathing, feel more relaxed and to help you sleep …

Mindfulness courses teach how to help you clear your mind and become happier, healthier and more self-aware. You can use mindfulness to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and more.  Mindfulness courses can help you establish your own mindfulness routine.

Reiki energy healing is a gentle, non-invasive therapy to shift, remove blocked energy in the body, helping the body to regain a natural balance and facilitate our body’s own healing abilities.