Natasha Brittan - Mindfulness Teacher and Coach
Mindfulness and Energy Healing
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About Natasha Brittan…

Natasha Brittan is fully insured and a registered Member of:

British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA)
Association of Energy Therapists (AET)
Certified Mindfulness Teacher
Traditional Usui Reiki Lineage
CRB Checked


Welcome, my name is Natasha Brittan and here is a little more about me and the work I do …


As with all our journeys they start somewhere… be it naturally, through illness or difficult life events. So mine was as a child who could connect with spirit as if it was the most natural thing in my world…call it intuition or gut instinct, for me it is the same.  Over the years I have realised on many occasions that the one person who most has your own back is you. I really began to listen, ask for guidance when faced with life threatening situations and help came. I began to understand the power of what is inside every single one of us.


I became very ill and at one point I entered into a light tunnel knowing that I was leaving my body.  I was happy, I wasn’t scared and clearly the Universe had other plans as I am here today. Shortly after this my hands began to heat up and I would intuitively know where aches and pains were within clients and I would then place my hands on the adult/child until my hands would cool down signalling the work was done.


I spent time with a wonderful psychic group connecting with spirit and I found I could not only communicate with spirit, but rescue spirit who were still here with us and release them if they wished to go.  This was an affirming time for me of my abilities to really connect and to trust in my gift.


I became a Reiki practitioner, learnt about chakras and studied Spiritual Colour Healing and with it good spiritual housekeeping.


From the feedback and testimonials I have received from clients, friends and family many mention my ‘gift’. For me personally, I think of myself as a conduit for energy which can help alleviate suffering, pain on physical and emotional levels.


I am also a mindfulness teacher. The two are very separate as I teach mindfulness without any religious influence, however I am finding more and more that the two parts of my work can be very connected in many ways if clients wish to understand more about their lives and purpose. I love mindfulness and I have practised it for over 10 years, training as a mindfulness teacher with Shamash Alidina. An inspiring teacher and author of several books including “The Mindful Way Through Stress”. Mindfulness has helped me through challenging times and I approach my teaching with a sense of fun and ‘kindfulness’ as life can be a little too serious sometimes.


As a volunteer Reiki therapist at the Fountain Centre, St Lukes Cancer Hospital in Guildford, I see cancer patients in the Centre, chemo wards and in ICU. Reiki has a profound effect on patients emotional and physical well-being and increasingly I am having 1-1 mindfulness awareness sessions with patients as they explore mindfulness as an option to manage problems associated with stress, pain and sleep.  I find this time every week so very humbling as it is a reminder of how precious our lives are.


I write a blog Divorce Goddess about divorcing mindfully and with kindness and have been featured on BBC, ITV, Sky, Channel 5, Sunday Times, Weekend FT, BBC Radio and 5Live.


I see clients for spiritual healing from the UK and overseas and teach mindfulness in Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex and London.