Mindfulness 4 Ninjas & Mindfulness 4 Teens - Natasha Brittan
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Mindfulness 4 Ninjas & Mindfulness 4 Teens


Mindfulness 4 NinjasWe live in an increasingly fast moving, pressurised and technological world. A world where our children and teenagers are in greater need of developing life skills and mindfulness practices to help them be more resilient and manage mood swings, to let go of anxiety and doubt.


As a mindfulness teacher and a mum of two teenagers aged 13 and 16 years I am aware of the huge pressures so many children and teenagers are now under in different areas of their lives.


I teach with happiness, fun and kindness. I incorporate the main elements of mindfulness into fun experiments, meditations, movement and our ‘catch up on the week’ life discussions. We work with our intention, attention, awareness, compassion, non-judgement, curiosity and letting go. Throughout the courses and sessions, there is a gentle encouragement and support for the students to feel more empowered as they learn to believe in themselves and trust their bodies and to know they are worthy of having the tools to help manage their emotional and physical wellbeing.


The sessions and courses are designed to engage children in learning and understanding how mindfulness and mindful living can help them be more confident, less anxious and have calmer thoughts. Throughout each course, or session, there are guided mindful meditations and mindful living ‘experiments’ practised with the children or teens to help them develop their self-belief and intuition, inner calm and resilience.  There is a meditation audio link, lots of information handouts for the students to choose from and tip sheets for parents so they can best support their child/ren, bringing mindfulness into the family and home life more.


These mindful sessions and courses are designed to empower children and teenagers to help:

  • Let go of anxiety and self-doubt
  • Manage mood swings
  • Calm intense emotions including anger
  • Manage exam, performance and social media pressures
  • Develop a positive self-image


I firmly believe in the power of laughter, in humour and kindness, all human aspects that can never be underestimated as we teach and inspire our next generation to grow, nourish and be more resilient in their lives, now and in the future.


I teach mindfulness in clubs and sessions in secondary and primary schools, private sessions with teenagers and children in the Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire counties. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to chat further about how I can help you bring mindfulness into your school or college.