Energy Healing Surrey
Energy Healing Surrey
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Energy Healer Reiki


Energy Healing…


What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is the gentle process of rebalancing, clearing the entire physical body and the different electromagnetic energy field that surrounds it. It has been scientifically proven that every living being, plant and mineral is made up of electromagnetic energy which vibrates at different frequencies. This energy is also more widely known as an ‘Aura’ or ‘Chi’ energy, which flows through our bodies maintaining physical and emotional health and well-being.


What is Colour Spiritual Healing?


Colour spiritual healing has been used in ancient cultures to heal emotions and physical pain, for example the Egyptians used ‘healing rooms’, each one filled with a different coloured light and depending on the ailment they would spend time in the particular room. I am guided to direct and imbue specific colour rays into the client’s energy field and the body, healing parts of the aura, calming distressed organs and recharging blocked chakras. If a person is unwell or unhealthy the colours in their energy field are invariably dull and dark. In contrast a healthy person has bright and lighter colours within a balanced energy field. eg we can feel “off colour”, we wear colours to feel positive or professional. Colour spiritual healing is the energy boost to enable the client’s own internal healing system to become mobilised to greater effect. Natasha channels guidance and healing from her spirit guides and those of her clients if they so wish.


What is Chakra Healing?


We have seven main chakras in our bodies, each one an integral opening to an energy point within our physical body. Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency and transmits energy necessary for our body and emotional health when open and balanced. I think of a chakra as a mill’s water wheel, which when blocked or clogged, prevents the water from flowing, the millstones don’t grind so well, the quality of the flour is poor and this is when disease may occur in our body. However when there is flow and balance in our chakras our bodies work in harmony, our emotional and physical health is better.


What is Reiki healing?


The word Reiki means ‘Universal life energy’. It is a gentle and powerful form of healing, which stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Reiki does not offer a “cure”, but promotes self-healing by relaxing the body, releasing tensions and strengthening the body’s immune system. Reiki is complimentary to both conventional medicine and natural therapies. It is practiced in Cancer support groups, drug rehabilitation units, GP surgeries, hospitals, homes, hospices, HIV/AIDS centres and prisons.


How can energy, colour spiritual, chakra and reiki healing help me?


So through emotional and physical life experiences, trauma and illness we as humans have become very adept at ‘packing’ our stuff away in different ‘pockets’ in our bodies. This ‘stuff’ blocks our energy field and chakras and leaves us open to physical and mental illness to form and take hold. By working to remove these blockages and re-establishing the energy flow throughout the physical body and the energy field surrounding it we allow our body’s own natural healing mechanism to be restored. These healing modalities give my clients permission to my clients to ask what does the illness mean to them? What can I learn from this illness? To see your illness simply as a message from your body telling you something is physically wrong, you are not listening to your whole self, your inner being and you are ignoring something very important to yourself. Working with these gentle healing abilities helps to acknowledge and become aware of the sometimes painful emotional issues that are packed away inside of us and they help us release emotional trauma in a safe, protected environment.


What happens during a healing session?


You can be treated either lying down on a therapist’s couch or sitting down, whichever you prefer and are most comfortable with. Natasha then places her hands on your shoulders and connects with your energy for a couple of minutes and then will scan from your head to your feet for blockages and areas that are out of synch. Natasha works depending on where healing is needed with either her hands over your body in your energy field, (this can be up to 24 inches away from your body) or by placing her hands on parts of your body most needed. The whole experience is very calming, relaxing and non-invasive.


What will I feel during and after the healing?


The feedback from each client is very different, however the most common experiences are tingling sensations, a sense of floating, visual images of bright lights and flashes of colour, sensations of heat, feelings of release or letting go. Some clients cry during the session or afterwards – gently releasing long held and sometimes painful emotions or experiences. There is however, an overwhelming feeling of calm, peacefulness and sense of ‘letting go’. As healing may continue for the next couple of days, Natasha asks that her clients be loving, kind and gentle towards themselves – if sleeping is needed and is possible, then sleep!


How many treatments will I need?


The number of treatments very much depends on several important factors; the first being the strength of the working connection between your energy field and your physical body. Some clients experience complete healing of their ailment very quickly, within 2-3 sessions, others have experienced improvements with each treatment, but have taken longer to reach the point of complete healing. Energy blockages entrenched over time, like bad habits may be a gradual process of breaking them down and restoring the flow of energy back to its natural state. It may be that after just one session you feel almost, if not completely better, but small blockage traces may still exist and in leaving them untreated they will again gradually build up over time into a much more serious condition. Natasha has found, in her experience that the majority of clients feel a much greater improvement after between 3-5 sessions with a 6 monthly ’check ups’ to ‘service’ the energy field and chakras.


How long will it be before I start to feel better?


Each client and their experience is very different, much depends on how well we look after our bodies, whether we are listening to our inner intuition giving us our best advice or the rate at which energy flows through them and the healing that takes place. As with all medical treatments, it is impossible to give an exact timeline for your body to respond, but in general patients have reported feeling a significant improvement in their conditions 1-5 days after their very first session.