Mindfulness Surrey courses and coaching - Natasha Brittan
Natasha is an experienced mindfulness teacher and coach, based in Surrey. Natasha teaches mindfulness to adults and children suffering from anxiety, eating disorders, cancer, divorce and exam stress.
Mindfulness Surrey
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Mindfulness practise helps us to rewire our brain so we are able to notice our unhelpful thoughts, stress and body pain. As we integrate mindfulness practices into our lives we gradually become more in control of our thoughts so they have less of a negative impact on our daily lives.


Do you ever wish you could just press pause? Do you suffer from information overload? Are you so busy you can’t see the wood for the trees?


Mindfulness is paying attention in the present moment. When mindfulness is present, we can see our thoughts, feelings, motivations, reactions and responses with greater clarity and wisdom. We can pause before reacting and choose the appropriate response for the moment we are in with compassion and ‘kindfulness’ towards ourselves, others and our extraordinary lives …



Mindfulness helps ….


Your Mind

∞ A calmer and clearer mind

∞ Lower anxiety and anger levels

∞ Improve concentration and focus

∞ Achieve balance and resilience both at home and at work


Your Body

∞ Improve the relationship to food

∞ Promote physical well being

∞ Pain relief and strengthens the immune system

∞ Improve sleep


Your Soul

∞ You feel happier

∞ Reduction in loneliness

∞ With acceptance, compassion and ‘kindfulness’ towards ourselves and others

∞ Being less judgemental of ourselves and others

… a whole heap of GOOD stuff to help you …