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Happy with a bookNatasha Brittan Testimonials

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for Tuesday’s session. The work we did around anger was incredibly valuable and facilitated heartfelt and thorough conversations with my Son and subsequently my Partner – conversations that I am unsure would ever have been initiated without you. Private Clients, Hampshire


Thank you for your very wonderful one to one Mindfuless session with my 8 year old Daughter to help her deal with an anxiety she has around being sick. You gave her some brilliant tools to help her deal with them and I loved how she could related to your water filled cup of sparkles as thoughts and them seeing them ‘settle’. She (and I) both came away feeling so positive. It was also amazing to see how you engaged with her so instantly and really connected with her in such a gentle and creative way. Thank you. We will be back xx  EH, Business Owner & Mum, Surrey


I had been experiencing foot pain for a few months, the podiatrist diagnosed me with dropped arches, bunion problems and Achilles tendinitis – a definite candidate for orthotics! I saw Natasha for some healing on my feet and since then haven’t felt any pain or discomfort even when running! It’s amazing! I highly recommend Natasha for her wonderful healing abilities” RJ, Nutritionist, Dorset


“I was completely burnt out and physically drained. After each healing session I felt totally relaxed, very positive and back in control…” – MB, Marketing Executive, London


“I wanted to try an alternative pain management treatment for a hip injury and decided to try Reiki. Since starting my Reiki sessions with Natasha I have experienced no further pain and I feel I have had a body and mind MOT. Natasha is extremely good at what she does and after every session I have with her I feel calmer, my positivity is raised to well over 100% and a renewed feeling of going on to achieve.” – JM, Celebrity Stylist, London


“I went to Natasha at a difficult time in my life, when stress from work was really taking its toll and it was starting to make me ill. Natasha’s treatments were empowering, amazing and life-changing. During the treatments, I could literally feel the negative energy clearing away. Afterwards, I was left with the most overwhelming feeling of calmness and peace. This gave me the renewed inner strength that I needed to re-address my work in a more constructive, calmer and positive way, so that I felt in control again.” – RP, Regional Sales Manager, Dubai, UAE


“I have been fortunate enough to have had Natasha’s help on a number of occasions; her Reiki has helped me relax and unwind but most noticeably has helped enormously with stress related tension as well as physical pain as a result of painful and swollen veins. Her empathy, soothing, wise words and guidance and above all, her ability to help steer my thoughts in a positive direction has made a difference to my emotional well-being at various pinch points in my life. I recommend her to you wholeheartedly” – FR, Fundraiser, West Sussex


“Natasha has worked with me using Reiki to release built up workplace and life stress and tension. The treatment allowed me to focus calmly with more clarity, sleep well through the night and feel more in control then I have for a long time.” – RB, Managing Director, Surrey


“I’ve personally used the healing sessions offered by Natasha over the last 6 months and really felt the difference with my stress levels being reduced. Working for a global company, spending a lot of time travelling and building up significant levels of stress, I feel the difference from the sessions I have had, resetting my stress levels and feeling re-energised.” – RW, COO, London


“I had never used alternative healing before Natasha moved in as a neighbour, but after a few informal sessions for various complaints, I became convinced of Natasha’s exceptional healing ability. Now no longer a neighbour, I travel to see her whenever I have any aches or pains. Natasha healed my wrist in just a couple of sessions. I have had chronic and progressively debilitating carpel tunnel syndrome and was seriously considering having an operation to relieve the symptoms, but after just two sessions the symptoms reduced and finally disappeared. After this success, I regularly applied to Natasha when I had aches and pains. Natasha has cured my tennis elbow which was so painful I was unable to pick up a mug with the affected arm. Natasha’s most recent success was with a back spasm which left me unable to move without shooting pains. The day after a treatment, I was able to move around again without too much pain and within a week was fully mobile.” – JV, University Lecturer, Hampshire